Coronavirus - travel update

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Travel Information Updates

Peak Tours COVID Policy for 2023 – November 2022 Update

We will re-assess our Covid policy for 2023 and we will update the policy before the 2023 season starts. At the moment we don’t know what will happen next year but I am hoping that we will be able to change the policy so that we treat Covid in the same way that we treat a common cold.

In 2022 our policy was that anyone who tested positive for covid during a tour then they had to leave the tour. I would like to think that in 2023 we will be able to change this so that if someone shows covid symptoms then they aren’t required to leave the tour but to try and keep their distance from the group as much as possible but can continue in the same way that they would if someone catches a cold during a tour.

There have been some studies that seem to demonstrate that when people continue as normal when they have covid then it can increase the chances of developing long covid so if someone has bad symtoms then it might be a good idea to rest up anyway but I am hoping that it will no longer be a requirement to leave a tour if someone has covid or covid like symptoms.

At the moment we just don’t know what will happen in 2023 but I will update our policy by March 2023 after we have seen what the winter brings.

All the best

Steve, Lee, Dave, Jo & all at Peak Tours

Peak Tours COVID Policy – July 2022 Update

Hi again everyone,

Sorry to be a bit of a bore talking about covid again but we have seen a marked increase in cases recently. Last year we managed to go all year without any cases but we only operated UK tours for UK residents. This year we have got back to operating tours in Europe and that is where we are seeing the cases. I suspect that people are picking it up at airports but really, we have no way of knowing.

Our current policy is that if you catch Covid (as with any other transmissable illness) just before a tour starts then we would still ask that you don’t join the tour. Likewise if you test positive for Covid during a tour then we would request that you leave the tour so that any further transmission is reduced. In this instance then we can help to make arrangements for you to get home but essentially you would need to leave the group and travel home by yourself..

I appreciate that you will be disappointed if you can’t join the tour due to Covid or you have to leave a tour if you test positive for covid. You may incur expenses and will lose the cost of the tour. It is for this reason that an insurance policy that covers cancellation and repatriation is essential.

In order to reduce the chances of catching covid and what the next steps are if you catch covid on tour then we advise the following:


  • Please take a covid test before joining a tour. Even if you don’t have any symptoms you may still have covid and be contagious so a quick test before joining a tour will help to identify anyone who is asymptomatic.
  • We strongly recommend vaccination. This may make a small difference about catching covid but reduces chances severe disease/spreading.
  • We recommend reduced mixing with large numbers of people in the build up to the tour starting.
  • Potentially the greatest risk of catching covid is the travel to the start of the trip and we would recommend masking with high quality mask on flight (FFP2 or above) to reduce chances of catching on way to trip.
  • We recommend reduced mixing with those outside group on arrival at destination.
  • Take out good medical insurance including covid and repatriation.

During trip:

  • Continue to exercise caution with those outside our bubble.
  • Continue to exercise general caution-hand cleaning etc.
  • If you develop symptoms during a tour then isolate from others and take a test as soon as possible.
  • If you test positive for covid then we would ask that you isolate from other people and leave the tour. We operate tours in many different countries so we will follow the rules of the country that you are in at the time.
  • If you test positive during a tour then we will help with arrangements for you to get home but it probably won’t be possible for the guides to transport you in the van to avoid further transmission.
  • If you have to leave the tour then you should keep any receipts that you may incur for any additional expenses and claim on your insurance policy.
  • If you test negative for covid then it may be that you have a cold or other illness. In this instance then you should try to avoid contact with rest of the group as much as possible.
  • If someone within the group tests positive for Covid then we would ask that everyone else within the group also takes a test.


We strongly recommend that you take out adequate insurance for your tour which, as an absolute minimum should cover accident and medical expenses if you are travelling outside the UK, cover for your bike and belongings and cancellation cover in the event that you have to cancel your tour for unforeseen circumstances.
We’ve partnered with Yellow Jersey and agreed a 10% discount off their travel insurance products, available on a short term or annual basis for all our clients. Use the code PEAK10 in the checkout to claim the discount.

Travel Insurance

This will cover your medical expenses and repatriation if you were to have an accident while riding your bike on one of our tours. It will also cover you for all the usual things you’d expect from a standard travel insurance such as lost luggage, flight delays, cancellation cover and also Covid Cancellation. You can see prices here.

You can see Policy Wording for all types of Yellow Jersey insurance here.

If you have any questions about our Covid policy then please contact us on or by telephone on 01457 851462.

If you have any insurance related queries about the Yellow Jersey policies then please contact Yellow Jersey team here.

All the very best

Steve, Lee, Dave, Jo & all at Peak Tours