Coronavirus (COVID-19): Travel Information Updates

Peak Tours updated 2023 Covid-19 policy

Peak Tours is committed to the safety and welfare of our customers, leaders and local staff that we work with. We always try to be as fair to everyone as possible.

During 2020 and 2021 we had to cancel all of our European tours due to the constantly changing rules and regulations surrounding Covid-19. In 2022 we returned to operating tours in Europe and it was great to be back but we still had Covid-19 to consider.

Our policy in 2022 was that if someone contracted Covid-19 during a tour then they had to isolate from the rest of the group immediately and leave the tour. In 2023 we have changed the policy to allow a bit more flexibility. Our Covid-19 policy is now as follows:

Before the tour starts

In the first instance we recommend that everyone is vaccinated against Covid-19. I know that not everyone agrees with this but it is our opinion that vaccination is the best way to prevent severe illness and transmission of Covid-19.

It is essential that you have travel insurance that covers you if you have to cancel a tour at the last minute or if you have to leave a tour due to illness of any kind (including Covid-19). There are many policies available to choose from. We can recommend an insurance provider called Yellow Jersey who specialise in cycling holidays. You can view details of the Yellow Jersey insurance products and policy wording below.

If you are feeling unwell immediately before a tour starts, then please seek medical advice and take a covid test if necessary. If you have any kind of contagious illness, then please don’t join the tour and contact your insurance provider.

During the tour

If a member of the group shows symptoms of Covid-19 whilst on a Peak Tours holiday, then they would be asked to take a Covid-19 test.  If, for whatever reason the request to take a test was refused, then we would try and persuade them otherwise.  If that failed, we have a duty of care to the group as a whole and we would have to refer them to the Covid-19 policy and potentially have to manage their isolation from the rest of the group.

If the person, unfortunately tests positive, then they would need to isolate from the rest of the group and take the following steps:

  • If that person is very unwell and not fit to cycle and likely to be contagious then we would ask that they leave the group and rest. They may wish to remain in the hotel that they are in at the time and contact their insurance provider to arrange travel home. Your tour leader will assist with obtaining local medical advice and will follow any local guidelines.
  • If that person has tested positive for Covid-19 but doesn’t feel too unwell, then it may be that they continue on the tour but isolate from the group to avoid further transmission. They will be required to take reasonable measures to reduce the risk of transmitting the infection amongst the group. These may include, but are not limited to, not being in close proximity to other group members, wearing a face covering, travelling in a separate vehicle for lengthy journeys, and/or staying overnight in a room for single occupancy. Additional costs will be at the client’s expense.
  • If that person is sharing a room with another person, then we would request that person also takes a Covid-19 test. If they test negative then they will need to decide whether to also isolate from the group to remain with their companion or continue with the group.  If they remain with their companion, then the person with Covid-19 will not need to book a separate room at their cost through insurance and they can continue together.  If the person sharing the room does not wish to continue sharing after their roommate has contracted Covid-19, then it is the responsibility of the person with Covid-19 to pay for a separate room and go through their insurance.  Peak Tours will help with the booking arrangements.
  • The rest of the group will be informed of the positive Covid-19 result so that they can take steps to ensure that preventative measures are followed.
  • Whilst isolated from the group, that person should continue to test daily and may re-join the group when two negative tests has been received. If they are still testing positive, then they should remain isolated from the rest of the group.

If the unwell person is negative for Covid-19 but obviously contagious for something, then we would still request that they use their common sense and isolate from the group as much as possible to avoid further transmission within the group.

We are aware that this change in policy may divide opinion, but we feel that it is the best way forward. Covid-19 is likely to be here to stay and this is our way of learning to live with it whilst still providing a duty of care to all members of our groups.

If you are booked onto a tour and don’t feel comfortable with this change in policy, then you are entitled to cancel and have a full refund of any monies paid.

If you have any questions about our policy or any concerns that you would like to speak to us about then please contact us by email at or by telephone at 01457 851462.

All the best

Steve, Lee, Dave, Jo, Joanna & all at Peak Tours


We strongly recommend that you take out adequate insurance for your tour which, as an absolute minimum should cover accident and medical expenses if you are travelling outside the UK, cover for your bike and belongings and cancellation cover in the event that you have to cancel your tour for unforeseen circumstances.

We’ve partnered with Yellow Jersey and agreed a 10% discount off their travel insurance products, available on a short term or annual basis for all our clients. Use the code PEAK10 in the checkout to claim the discount.

Travel Insurance

This will cover your medical expenses and repatriation if you were to have an accident while riding your bike on one of our tours. It will also cover you for all the usual things you’d expect from a standard travel insurance such as lost luggage, flight delays, cancellation cover and also Covid-19 Cancellation. You can see prices here.

You can see Policy Wording for all types of Yellow Jersey insurance here.

If you have any questions about our Covid policy then please contact us on or by telephone on 01457 851462.

If you have any insurance related queries about the Yellow Jersey policies then please contact Yellow Jersey team here.

All the very best

Steve, Lee, Dave, Jo, Joanna & all at Peak Tours