Customer Testimonials

We are always pleased to get feedback from our customers. Here are a selection of comments we have received over the years

All the support were excellent, caring, kind and supportive. They cycled with me most of the route. Nothing was an issue or a bother for them. Could not praise them enough all three of them. Well done I would certainly book again with Peak Tours

Lorraine, HCW - June 2023

Day 2 is magical but all the days are interesting and varied. Take your time and remember to stop for photos! The Peak Tours van will always be there for you!

Jacqui, HCW - June 2023

“Loved the varied route and the opportunity to see some of Hadrian’s Wall and other historical features along the way.”

Trish, HCW - June 2023

“The route was beautiful and exactly as described”.

Anon, 3HCW - June 2023

Absolutely amazing organisation to make everything happen exactly as planning, which I know takes a lot of effort behind the scenes and attention to detail. You have a really great system worked out to make life so easy for the customers.

Neil, 14 Lands End to John O'Groats - Aug 2023

Peak Tours have the ability to support you through the sometimes daunting prospect of yet another long day in the saddle. The guides were professional and connected well at a human level. They had empathy and the ability to encourage you to go beyond what you believe you can do on a bike! The variety of lunch stops, bed and breakfasts, scenery and challenge made it a wonderful once in a lifetime experience for me.

Jess, 14 day Lands End to John O'Groats - July/Aug 2023

Route was excellent, avoiding major roads where poss and utilizing cycle tracks and minor roads for the majority of the time. Even the ride through the Manchester conurbation was much better than expected.
One of the best holidays I’ve ever had. An amazing sense of achievement at the end.

R. Middleton , 14 LEJOG - July 2023

Great comms throughout. Also liked the fact we were able to ring up and speak with Jo / PT throughout all points prior to the trip
So many companies could learn from yourselves and the provision of a great product. Genuinely, THANK YOU to Peak Tours, Julie, Jim and Dave for a wonderful fortnight and life experience.

E. Barnett, 14 LEJOG - June 2023

I can’t begin to imagine how long it took to devise such an amazing route showcasing the best of the UK countryside. I know we did have to go through some built up areas but that couldn’t be helped and was kept to a minimum. The route is one of the things I’ve raved about to anyone who’d listen when I’ve talked to them about the trip. I can’t see how you would improve on this.
I’ve wanted to do LEJOG for years since my husband and I visited the End to End museum at Lands End and having looked at the reviews Peak Tours stood out when I finally made the decision to make it a reality. I can honestly say the tour far exceed my expectations and was worth every penny. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Peak Tours and if I decide to do another tour I won’t go anywhere else.

J. Granger, 14 LEJOG - June 2023

Did not appreciate until we started just how well it would be organised, & how seemlessly, as a couple who have not done such a Tour before we did not expect to be so well cared for

Keith Butcher, 14 Day Lands End to John o'Groats - June 2023
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