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Customer Testimonials

We are always pleased to get feedback from our customers. Here are a selection of comments we have received over the years:

All Peak Tours trips are characterized by several key components including fantastic leadership and support from the staff team, a challenging route/itinerary and a diverse group of fellow riders whose main aim is to not only to survive but more importantly to encourage and support each other.  This SE2E had all those ingredients and more besides. Graham’s leadership and Martin/Andy’s support and encouragement were nothing short of superb and so typical of Peak Tours. The true quality hallmark of a PT is how mishaps are managed and overcome - many thanks to Graham, Martin and Andy for guiding us through the (many) ups and downs of the trip - particularly my broken wheel episode - and sincere appreciation of all my fellow riders, it was a real pleasure to have been in your company this week.  I am now a 5-time Peak Tours veteran and, God willing, will do more.

Andy Nichol 2019

Really enjoyed the route. The island-hopping added another dimension to the tour.  The food provided at the 'Brew stops' and lunches was very good. Some excellent home-baking on one or two stops.  The Peak Tours Team were outstanding; all were unendingly cheerful, encouraging and went the 'extra mile'. There was the occasional hiccup but these were dealt with with minimum disruption to the tour. Graham-one of our guides-  in particular was never phased by anything and met every challenge with a cheerful smile - despite some appalling weather!

Noel Wardell 2019

Day 1 was brilliant. The afternoon of day 2 was flat and day 3 was great.  Brew stops were great. Our group were lovely. Mike and Jim (our guides) were awesome. So kind, friendly and helpful. They went above and beyond. I had a lot of problems with my bike. They kept me on the road and even managed to fix and replace internal snapped cable and disk brake pads! Thank you so so much. 

Fiona Burden 2019

Challenging climbs and lovely descents added to a good mix.  

Ian Slater 2019

The lunch and tea stops were 1st class and made all the difference towards having a good ride!   Nothing was too much trouble for any of the crew and Graham’s commitment to sorting out any bike issues was above and beyond what you’d expect!  Excellent support crew.

Anthony Butler 2019

Superb tour, brilliantly led by Graham and ably supported by Andy and Martin. Thank you. 

Huw Charles-Jones 2019

Graham (one of our guides) was brilliant. Nothing fazed him and he was excellent company for me as I was frequently near the back because of my photo taking. 

Martin ( another of our guides) was always helpful, especially the day when my cycling partner had 3 punctures and Martin lent him his inner tube and Andy (our other guides) was great as usual. Always cheerful, ever resourceful in rigging up cover at brew stops and in getting soft figs and Eccles cakes in Ullapool.  

Dave Robertson 2019

Graham (one of our guides)  was superb - unfazed by anything and always smiling..

Michelle 2019

Steve (one of our guides) repaired my broken gear cable (internal routing) very expertly at the ultimate brew stop. 

Bill Todd 2019

As usual, the tour organisation was excellent; even with the added complications of early starts due to ferry times etc.  As always, cannot speak highly enough of the guides, all three of which were excellent. They make the tour what it is and whilst it often seems effortless as the tour rolls smoothly along, appreciate that this is due to the hard work and long hours behind the scenes. All three a credit to Peak Tours.

Peter Chapman 2019

Garmin routes were very accurate. 

Marion Kinshuck 2019

I used my garmin so I only really used the route notes  to see the daily profile but they looked good. Brew stop food was perfect. Lots of variety - plenty fruit, nuts, sweeties & scones.  The tour organisation was superb. Our guides were all brilliant.

Sally Rae 2019

B & B’s and guesthouses were excellent, pubs were good.  Good comprehensive range of snacks, and drinks. Enjoyed every aspect of the tour- couldn’t really fault any aspect of the tour, the support and guidance from the tour leader and guides was always there.  

Steve Wash 2019

The tour was amazing; faultless from start to finish... wishing I was still riding. Hats off to the guides Tony, Hamish and Dave who were excellent! 

Keith Walden 2019

Perfect size group to start in morning 25 people through towns,soon broke up into smaller groups but enough so not on own all day.  Well thought out every day a different challenge,hills and flats even the odd dirt track,even the main towns went through where interestingly challenging.  Easy to follow mile markers helped as well so we could have a rough idea where we was. Also showing the range ie where the climbs were going, made me personally prepared for the day.  Excellent breakfasts and most of all tea breaks had everything to keep you going till next stop. Also very obliging if I wanted something different. Very good mix of solid food, not just gels.  Had to stop myself from overeating! From start to finish I could not fault the tour organisation in any way.

Ran very smoothly no pressure to keep up with others. Fun, tough at times.  Overall one of the best experiences I have ever undertaken and am looking forward to my next adventure with yourselves- just keep doing what you're doing works very well. 

Michael Clamp 2019

The guides were excellent and accommodated all requests with amazing grace.  You have a fantastic team!

Charles Dowson 2019

I like the fact that it was almost independent riding but you had the back up when required. Never wanted for anything and the meals provided throughout were of very good quality. Choice was good and brew stops were plentiful and varied. 

Chris Waddington 2019

Cannot find any faults! 

I have previously been on similar tours with two other companies, neither of which were as good as Peak Tours. Peak Tours leaders integrated with the cyclist and looked after their needs without fuss or over attention. All three were always calm and reassuring, providing just the right amount of information. Tony was always in control, organised and professional. Hamish shared his experience and his character added to the mix. Dave was supportive,  in particular helping out with clothing choices to cope with interchangeable weather. Dave even took off one of his layers and gave me a jacket when I was really cold, despite him being freezing himself. And he has great dry wit. Food provided at lunch was excellent with variety and ample helpings. The evening meals worked out really well with pre ordered meals to ensure everyone ate what they preferred with a couple of days without an organised meal worked out well. Rooms were good, some better than others, but appreciate it all depends on the location (limited options in Scotland).  

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would highly recommend Peak Tours. I am hoping to do the France coast to med trip in 2020 or 2021. 

Julie 2019

It was an excellent tour, fantastic leaders and a great bunch of people, I’d definitely recommend Peak Tours to anyone. 

Steve Langman 2019

All three guides were excellent and could not have done more. 

Jerry Wallis 2019