Customer Testimonials

We are always pleased to get feedback from our customers. Here are a selection of comments we have received over the years:

Excellent service and organisation.

Excellent tour which was extremely well organised and run.

Trevor and Vicky Thompson August 2018

As a first time customer I really enjoyed the experience and I want to become a repeat customer and try a couple of different tours in the future

Anthony Zaghet August 2018

I thought the route was very good, with some stunning scenery and it was fantastic to cycle by the rivers.

The food provided was very good, as provided by the tour guides. All locations had good food available in the evenings as well, so all was perfect

I cannot fault the tour organisation, as a customer, everything worked seamlessly.

I chose this tour, for ease of the ride and the fantastic architecture, and was not disappointed.

Stephen Harridge August 2018

Have done 5 – this could have possibly been the best.

Trish Winterbottom August 2018

This is the third, excellent tour with Peak Tours.

Lesley Posstlethwaite August 2018

I do not know France very well and had not been to any of the places on route (apart from Nice), so it was wonderful to see the landscape and scenery, and it was much appreciated how you managed to find the long cycle path from Ouistreham, and the quiet minor roads along the route.

I couldn’t have wished for better food. Loved the picnics – especially Martins pizza day! Isabelle was constantly slicing fruit, which was delicious. It was a lovely touch to get ice lollies on the hot days – thank you.

The group evening meals were great, particularly the final meal in Nice which was absolutely fantastic!

Nothing was too much trouble and I had absolute confidence that the brew van would be where Isabelle said it would; that lunch would be organised, and that bags would be at the right hotel on arrival.

Phil Higgins August 2018

Peak Tours is a brilliant organisation from my point of view. I have now done 3 tours and plan more. Everybody in the company has always been friendly and helpful – much appreciated.

Nick Hall May/June 2018

Far exceeded our expectations. Looking forward to where we’ll go next.

Alvin & Sara Kirk May/June 2018

Cycling on the quiet French roads with their smooth surfaces was an absolute pleasure. The length of each days cycling was manageable, and I particularly enjoyed the day cycling above the Ardeche Gorge and the Gorge du Verdon.

A very well organised tour from start to finish.


This is the third Peak Tours trip (LEJOG and Mizen to Malin) and I enjoyed this one as much, if not more than, the others.

John Holmes May/June 2018

Beyond expectations! Looking forward to next one!

John Murrell May/June 2018

The scenery on the route was forever changing and very beautiful.

Amazing organisation and all guides/support would bend over backwards to make sure that we got a safe and well organised experience. Nothing was ever a problem and they continued to do things for the group after the tour had finished.

Katie Goodliffe September 2018

May I congratulate you on the trip I have just done from the Channel to the Med? It has exceeded my expectations in every way. The route was so well planned, and the hotels have been fine – especially the ones with a pool which I went in on every opportunity at the end of a long day’s slog! Some of the hotels have been quirky, and I have quite liked that! I hadn’t used a Garmin properly before this tour and I was so thrilled at the way it worked out…on the odd occasion I needed to use the trip notes they came in very handy. Thank you!

Nothing was too much bother for any of the guides and they all went the extra mile to ensure I had a wonderful trip.

I think we all enjoyed the picnic lunches. The places we stopped at were perfect!

I have travelled extensively, and this trip will be put down as one of my best. Well done Peak Tours.

Charlotte Lawledge August 2018

What an adventure. That has to be one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

After about the first week in I was really wishing there was a rest day built in to the tour, as it would have been good to regroup in one of the prettier more comfortable places, but by the end I’m not sure, as my fitness improved and aches and pains gradually disappeared and we just seemed to get into the rhythm of it.

Thank you again, I’m still buzzing. Its going to be pretty tough to top that.

Val Gardner June 2018

The food provided was very good, and we vegetarians were very well catered for (and Isabelle made sure the non-veggies didn’t steal all ours).                                                                                                    The brew stops were always welcome. Picnic lunches were a favourite with us.


The group size was perfect. Large enough to find people with similar interests/cycling speeds etc, but not too large as to be impersonal.

A pity we did this tour first – how will we top this?!

Martin & Anne Hibbins June 2018

The route was fantastic. I loved it. Great small traffic free roads. We saw so many gorgeous things. Was tough. Lots of climbing. Well organised.

Loved the picnic lunches. Great variety and the guys catered for the vegetarians (5 of us in our group) very well. Great attention to hand and foot hygiene paid by Isabelle and very willing to meet requests. Loved the small touches like ice lollies in the Gorge du Verdon.

One of the best things I have ever done. It was amazing.

Val Gardner June 2018

The low traffic on the route, with mostly great asphalt roads was superb.

We felt informed via email and all our questions were addressed very well. Group joining went as described, so we think top marks here as well!

We do many organised rides, so we know how bad it can get. For this tour the organisation was excellent. The number of concerns from our perspective was impressively very low.

Greg Schultz June 2018

Stunningly wonderful route. From rolling countryside to dramatic mountains and gorges. And final the Med in which we all bathed. Wow!

The group was made up of people from all walks of life but with a common love of biking. Some were ‘proper’ cyclists, whereas I’m just a bike rider, but we all gelled so well I think.

Clearly a huge amount of work went in to organising and sorting out this tour via places I’d never heard of. Su-bloody-perb!

Having been amazed by LEJOG I didn’t think it could be matched. It wasn’t: it was exceeded. Isabelle was wonderful, and Graham and Connie were the same. Where do you find these amazing people? They are efficient, hardworking and super friendly.

How do you improve on perfection? You can’t! Well done to all concerned.

Gary Green September 2018

Really enjoyed everywhere we stayed, excellent accommodation choices.

The route was amazing, amazing, amazing.

The food provided was better than excellent. Some of the picnics – WOW!

Peak Tours – The best!

In terms of scenery – the best tour for me so far.

Alan Irwin September 2018

The tour organisation was brilliant Just superb. Everything worked perfectly.

This is the second time I have done this tour and to be honest, I would even consider doing it again in a few years!!

Nick Moss September 2018

I had a great time

Well planned trip

Well organized

I don’t think I have any suggestions to improve it

Martin Harvey September 2018