Customer Testimonials

We are always pleased to get feedback from our customers. Here are a selection of comments we have received over the years:

Tina was the absolute best - such a motivator and so organised and so caring and lovely and really good at just cracking on with any of our requests - nothing was too much trouble. Mark was super, he helped with our luggage and was always offering to carry bags or bikes and help. John was an absolute hero, it was so reassuring knowing there was a bike mechanic expert who could help and even though he had such a tough time with such long days, he'd always be happy to help with your bike when he got in or early in the morning. A really trooper. He gave good tips on cycling and tackling weather conditions like gale force winds on the bike too.

Teresa Gebski 10 Day LEJOG June 2022

Tina, Mark and John were brilliant. Excellent organisation from the start to the end of each day. Bags to rooms at the end of the day was a welcome bonus, brew stops and lunches were so well organised and John went above and beyond for me to fix a mechanical issue without which I couldn’t have ridden it on my bike. They provided good humour and inspiration throughout

Jonathan Munsey 10 Day LEJOG June 2022

Loved it, cycle from A to B and eat. All the hard work is done behind the scenes so to speak.
Tina, Mark and John were flipping incredible. I have not seen such dedication. Always positive. They should be highly praised and are true professionals.

Mark Nowak 10 Day LEJOG June 2022

Utterly beyond spectacular. Mark, John and Tina were always there, cheerful, organised, efficient and would have done anything for you.

Andrew Kay 10 Day LEJOG June 2022

Fantastic tour, Peak Tours couldn’t do enough for us all. Loved every mile of it, including the hills which were fantastic.

Martin Moors 10 Day LEJOG May 2022

Excellent logistics and planning & communications
Outstanding, these guys were the best, always happy, hard working and eager to please. From day 1 they went over the top to keep us happy.. thank you Matt, Paul and Mike.. you kept us organised and where we should be.
Absolutely brilliant!!!!!

Caroline Gayton 14 Day LEJOG August 2022

These two weeks were possibly the best in my many years of roadbiking. Perfect organisation, fantastic locations, great routes, luck with the weather (understatement of the year!), unbelievably nice guys in the group. All in all, memories that'll last a lifetime.
Thanks for a great experience that truly enriched our lives!

Andreas and Susanne 14 Day LEJOG August 2022

This was my 7th tour, with the 8th already booked. I cannot praise the PT team highly enough.
Fantastic support from Mike, Matt and Paul. I'd toured with Mike and Matt last year D2D, so it was great to see them again.
Super. I love the way all the tour is arranged

Steve Harridge 14 Day LEJOG August 2022

"This was my first organised tour . The brew vans were definitely a highlight of the day, always well stocked with all the energy loaded snacks and fresh fruit to help you achieve your daily goals.My favourite part of the route was cycling through Edinburgh exploring the Scottish highlands . Climbing up through the Ski areas was amazing.
I would definitely use Peak Tours again."

Tony Hubble 14 Day LEJOG June 2022

"This was our third tour with Peak. All trips were excellent and we were in our best shape for this one so the riding was even more enjoyable as we could really take in more of the incredible views and sights. The guides provide a personal touch that means a lot and we know that we would not be able to do this trip/challenge without their support.

Nigel gave everyone an overview of 'daily checking your bike over' which was awesome, along with his jokes! I saw Andy behind the scenes making sure my rental bike was in good running order a few times. He also confirmed that I was happy with the bike, which I was, and arranged soapy water bike washing at several of our stops. Dave helped get Chris' rental bike rim and wheel switched out and ensured he was riding safely. Jim's flowers and food arrangements on the brew stop table were artful and delicious and his encouraging words regarding the tougher climbs was great! "

Laurel Smith 14 Day LEJOG June 2022

I was that impressed I'm looking at a follow up tour maybe next year. It went better than I anticipated and because of that I believe it was a real success. I can't find fault with anything unless you can control the weather.
I can't fault the organisation. It was brilliant. I have had a fantastic time and this is down to the organisation and the effort put in by the staff who provided the support. It went like clock work due to their commitment and efforts.

Oliver Keene 14 Day LEJOG June 2022

What can I say? Mike, Mark and Wendy were superb! Just right - professional, encouraging, friendly, helpful, a credit to Peak Tours!
Great tour, ambition realised, many memories made.
Nothing more to say - excellent!

Claire Houlihan 14 Day LEJOG June 2022

The tour exceeded my expectations, which were already high due to a strong recommendation from one of my cycle club colleagues
It was a great mix of the easy and difficult, with days 11 and 12 really making you feel you'd achieved something by the end

Steve Watson 14 Day LEJOG May 2022

Absolutely loved the whole experience. - Fantastic, and thanks to all
Well briefed - made my pre planning so much easier
Ran like clock work, with a very simple efficient routine

Alan Watson 10 day Channel to Med September 2022

The option of having Peak Tours transport my bike to and from the continent is a major attraction in choosing holidays with you. Being able to meet the van en route to Portsmouth to hand over my bike also took a lot of the hassle out of the logistics for me.

Giles Borton 10 Day Channel to Med May 2022

Roads were perfect thought out with very little traffic, which made group riding a pleasure.
Mike, Sam & Torri where great and made the tour a pleasure for us.
My first and won't be the last.

Graeme Walker 10 Day Channel to Med May 2022

Mike lead the tour and did an outstanding job building a great rapport with the riders. Sam was an excellent support with maturity being his years. Tori was a great final part of the jigsaw with all the working very well together. The three were the best part of the tour keeping us all motivated and enjoying ourselves in a tough ride across France.
C2M was exactly the same experience as LEJOG 4 years ago. Fantastic.
Keep doing more of the same!

Rob Collier 10 Day Channel to Med May 2022

Channel to Med is a challenging trip, but with Peak Tours at the helm all the help, organisation & well planned stops make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience - Bravo!!
Those routes are obviously well planned - we saw all the best places & the real France!!
"Mike, Sam & Tori were fabulous - any issues anyone had were resolved quickly
They worked tirelessly to ensure everyone in the group had the best time!! "

Stephen Tonge 10 Day Channel to Med May 2022

Well done for the route. Every day was different. Really felt I had travelled through France.
Seemed seamless to guests, even if it maybe wasn't behind the scenes 😂
Staff very much kept "business" away from clients, using low voices and turning away when discussing logistics between themselves. Very professional.
Brew van exactly where it was supposed to be, every time!

Liz Williams 14 Day Channel to Med September 2022

Raptures over french tarmac. Very beautiful.
PT guides are the bedrock of every trip
The tours are brilliant. I've made some excellent long term friends and will go again when I can.

Jane Hornsby 14 Day Channel to Med September 2022