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Customer Testimonials

We are always pleased to get feedback from our customers. Here are a selection of comments we have received over the years:

Wonderful route and i liked the fact it was flexible on the hard day.

S, Cook. Coast to Coast October 2012

I was nervous before starting as to wether i would be able to find the route, nothing to worry about, the signs were very good. The views were wonderful especially as you got near to the cafe at Hartside.

The food was fantastic, so much and variety to choose from. Enough for all to be happy with

The tour organisation was wonderful, everything ran so smoothly. From getting us all to the beginning in Workington to the tea stops. The morning briefs were informative, Neil, Lee and Graham all gave you the confidence to be able to complete the trip without any problem; any issue was sorted straight away and was not a problem. It was brilliant.

The tour leaders were so helpful, approachable,knowledgable and supportive, they seem to really enjoy what they were doing, Graham was so enthusiastic for what he was doing. They just made the tour go smoothly.

The tour was wonderful, i had been looking forward to this for six months, it more than lived up to my expectations, it was fantastic and the weather was just a bonus

K, Wright. Coast to Coast October 2012

As mentioned previously to Steve C the organisation is superb, the staff fun and kind, inspiring and reassuring.

The tour leaders were there all the time and even purchased me an new bag when mine broke! Thank You Lee!!

The tour was excellent and above!!

S, Cubitt. Coast to Coast October 2012

The brew van was great and all the lunches were excellent.The organisation was excellent.

John Bithell Way of the Roses September 2014

Beyond excellent, I couldn't be happier.

Renata Ruszkiewicz, Way of the Roses September 2014

Excellent says it all and we would do another tour with you again.

V Loxley & J McBrearty Way of the Roses July 2014

The route was challenging in parts, interesting, largely traffic free and in most parts the surface was good.

All meals were excellent - there was a good choice and whatever was served was always good.

Enjoyed every minute - the best few days I've had in a long while.

Si Walker Way of the Roses July 2014

Plenty of variety between hills and flat sections. Excellent tour

Colin Moore Way of the Roses

Completing 170 miles over 4 days was just right, allowing us plenty of time to look around the villages and towns in the evening before dinner.

Phil and Tom were fabulous - always there when they were needed.

Grant McPhail & SueHennessy Way of the Roses July 2014

Yet another excellent tour with a great group and great organisation, made all the more pleasant thanks to Phil and Tom's efforts.

Bill White Way of the Roses July 2014

Congratulations to all the group for completing the route and many thanks to you for organising the whole trip. Graham and Phil were very helpful throughout with the tea stops a highlight of the day (I think Graham slightly edged the table layout).

This was my first cycling trip which I enjoyed so much that I will be looking forward to hearing about the new tours for next year.

David O'Brian Way of the Roses September 2013

The tour was so well organised, I couldn't find any critisism. Thank you for a great tour.

Mike Lee Way of the Rose September 2013

What a great 4 days a great tour and company. Your staff Phil and Graham are indispensable and a great asset to your company. This tour was well organised and a great personal achievement for myself, it also gave me 4 days with my son Elliott priceless father and son time , so once again thanks to everybody concerned and to top it off we raised over £2000 for charity.

Andy & Elliott Gilbert Way of the Roses September 2013

thanks for organising and managing a great trip.

It was my first time on such a trip and I thoroughly enjoyed was a great group of people and I think we all got on well,Phil and Graham did a great job and the planning was impressive....many thanks

Richard Bourden Way of the Roses September 2013

Graham & Phil were an inspiration. Nothing was too much trouble and they were always cheerful.

The tour was perfect, even with the slight headwind we experienced.

Sara Cook Way of the Roses September 2013

Thank you for another excellent tour. It was so good of you to pop up to see us all, I know how busy you are.

The organisation was superb as usual. Special thanks to Graham and James for making it feel like "a ride out with your mates".

The accommodation and meals were excellent, as was the company!

I wish you and your company continued success and I'm looking forward to my next tour with you!

Paul Tranter Way of the Roses May 2013

Many thanks for a brilliant job, once again, and it was good to see you on Thursday for dinner. Please pass on my regards to Graham and James for their professionalism with a sense of fun.

Will definitely ride with Peak tours again, perhaps in Europe next year!!!

Steve Bridges Way of the Roses May 2013

Thanks for a wonderful trip. We were impressed by the way the trip was organised.

The things we especially appreciated were:

How well we were looked after by James and Graham (especially James given it was his first trip)

The route directions

The brew stops – the dried fruit and the fruit tea were lovely touches and it was clear that you’d thought more about what people may want than providing snacks to a cost.

The B&Bs in Settle and Morecambe in particular

Jill Armstrong Way of the Roses May 2013

The scenery was beautiful, and very quiet routes which were well signposted.

The breakfasts at our accommodation were all great, with the option of full English breakfast every day if we wanted. There was a good choice each day for lunch, and always chocolate biscuits in the van along the way – something to keep me going up the hills!

The tour organisation was superb (again. I really felt like all I had to do was turn up with my bike and not worry about anything else for the whole time.

Hannah Marshall Way of the Roses October 2012

The route was beautiful. The scenic time of year and fabulous weather undoubtedly contributed, but that aside the route was well-planned and avoided major roads.

The van snacks were always welcome and were varied and well-thought through and it was a real treat to discover that lunches were included (maybe if I had read the pre-trip information I would have known this).

Steve & Graham were amiable, efficient and well organised, you really enhanced the trip.

The tour was excellent. Not a mark I would normally give lightly but well deserved in this instance.

Sarah Memery Way of the Roses October 2012