Customer Testimonials

We are always pleased to get feedback from our customers. Here are a selection of comments we have received over the years:

Another well thought out Peak Tour

Nigel Goffin September 2018

First tour we’ve ever done. Having the options for shorter/no-ride days was great for me. Challenges for my husband

Helen Brown September 2018

We felt that each day the route built our cycling strength and anticipation to the climax on day 6. Well done whoever designed that! We did the ‘long option’ on day 6 and the extra bit was majestic – perhaps this was undersold to the group because only 4 of us did it.

The food provided was absolutely top notch! Picnic lunches were great, with healthy choices. Same for brew stop with sliced fruit, nuts & seeds etc. available (we much prefer this to chocolate bars, fizzy drinks etc.) Group evening meals/lunches all had great food.

Nick and Tanja Cooper September 2018

Full marks to the team who overcame a breakdown to one of their vans with no impact on our days. Pickup and drop off to airports and transport on first and last day was smooth and stress free (for us!!)

I booked this tour after experiencing the area on the C2M tour. It is a cycling paradise.  This was my 4th Peak Tour.

Alan Thomas September 2018

Nice mix of ‘quirky’ and modern accommodation. Very friendly & helpful staff at most hotels.

As a 9-tour veteran I think this is one of your best trips. Well done!

Stephen Warnock September 2018

A really caring set up.

Thank you, lovely company and a great holiday!

Anne Levitt June 2018

Hotels were good and especially the hotel in Apt (Saint Anne) where the owners were very helpful.

Robin McKenzie June 2018

The picnics in the French countryside are great and usually accompanied by a good spot with views making the most of the scenery.

As we have found the support and organisation offered by Peak Tours is first class and now having done 4 tours and a 5th in August, I am firmly a devoted PT client.

Dave Richards June 2018

Provence is beautiful. No negatives!

Road surfaces so good – even the farm roads/tracks are better than the UK roads!

Pauline and Mick Bedwell June 2018

Having done a number of charity events with other companies, you are head and shoulders above them. The organisation was generally excellent.

Paul McGreary June 2018

Rooms were better quality than expected. Nice touch having bags in our rooms on arrival.

Stunning views and villages, a very nice route.

Graham Watson June 2018

The route was very well signposted.

Beautiful scenery, especially on the second day.

Nice to have lunches included and places were all ready for our arrival.

Virginia Knox September 2018

You have succeeded very well with organising a difficult task.


At the end of July, I shall be 74 and if I can be so positive of the ride at my age, then it shows you have got it right.

Graham Miller May/June 2018

Loved the food and backup snack van. Very well organised and a very welcome sight on route.


The tour organisation was extremely good. Cannot fault anything or anybody.

Maria Beaumont May/June 2018

I enjoyed the route. As an ‘average’ cyclist I appreciated the variety and balance between 2nd ‘steepish’ day and 3rd flatter.

Overall the route was very pretty.

H Matheson May/June 2018

Pre-tour; felt the organisation and assistance was excellent and always felt we could ring and clarify anything we were unsure of.


We really enjoyed the tour and felt the overall organisation both before and during the tour were excellent.


Looking forward to doing another tour with Peak Tours.


The tour, as per the year before, was brilliant and my only comment would be keep doing the same great job.

We would and do keep recommending it to others.

Many thanks to all involved in providing a great cycling holiday.

Mary and Joe Slate

It was the extra touches, the van with food and drink aboard. Finding your luggage in your room was totally unexpected. The champagne at the end, plus the mug and certificate. All add up to a caring company.

Gordon Pells September 2018

All the food provided was great. The snack van was amazing – water, fig rolls, fruit, tea, coffee, nuts, biscuits etc.

All the food at B&Bs and pubs/cafes were great. Was worried about the BBQ stop – however the fish & chips were brilliant.


The group size was good as everyone went in to natural smaller groups. There was great camaraderie amongst everybody – the group was very helpful and supportive towards each other.


The tour organisation was amazing!! It was lovely to receive a certificate and a mug, thank you. Champagne/prosecco reception was very nice too!

Vanda Wellock May 2018

The tour organisation went well every day:

  • Brew stops were excellent Pre-ride brief was spot on
  • Having the knowledge back-up is only a call away is excellent

Glyn Copperwheat May 2018

All the accommodation was of a high standard throughout and the hosts friendly and helpful. Had no problems.

As when I did LEJOG in 2015, I was very impressed with the tour organisation. I would have no hesitation recommending Peak Tours or going with you again.

Mike Jackson May 2018

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