Bike Transfer and Return – UK to Europe

With changes in the rules and associated costs to getting across EU borders from the UK and transporting other people’s goods, we will now be charging £40 per bike, per trip, for any tours that go to the EU. Any UK tour bike transfers to/from Glossop will still be provided free of charge.

If you can get your bike to us in Glossop, Derbyshire we will transport your bike from the UK to Europe and back again. Alternatively, depending on the route the guides take down to get the ferry, we can pick your bike up en route to the ferry at a motorway services a day or two before the tour starts. Please contact us to discuss this as the route the guides take vary from tour to tour.

Due to customs formalities, we can only offer this as a complete service, the bike must travel in our van in both directions, we cannot offer this service for bikes only travelling one way. Please note that although we’ll take every care to ensure your bike isn’t damaged during transit, we cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused in transit.

We sometimes need to drop the saddle so please put a bit of electricians tape to mark your seat. For bikes with electric gears we have the industry standard tool to detach the cable but will avoid dropping DI seats where possible. N.B If your bike has a particular tool to remove the wheel, drop the seat etc then please make sure we have access to this.

In the run up to the trip starting we will ask for some details including the make/model/serial number/weight/value /country of origin of the bike send out the details of where to come to drop the bike pre-trip. We would ideally need the bike at least 5 or 6 days before the tour start date.